Vice President of ACM visits NIT Calicut

As part of NIT Calicut ACM Student Chapter’s Distinguished Lecture Programme (DSP, duly funded by ACM Headquarters) Prof. Alexander Wolf, Vice President of ACM and Professor, Imperial College, London, visits NIT Calicut on February 19, 2013 at 9:00 AM. He will deliver a talk on Content Based Networking – A New Communication Service. The talk shall be conducted at CSED Seminar Hall.

Abstract of Prof. Wolf’s talk

Prof. Alexander Wolf at NIT Calicut

Prof. Alexander Wolf at NIT Calicut

Update (February 23, 2013)

NIT Calicut ACM Student Chapter organized a DSP by Dr. Alexander Wolf, Professor in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London (UK), Vice President of the Association for Computing Machinery  and  a member of the Executive Committee  of the ACM Council. He  is one of the very few  persons in the world,  who is the fellow of both ACM and IEEE. The  event was organized  by Computer Science and Engineering Association, NITC and NITC ACM Students Chapter.  Prof. Wolf  is an ACM Distinguished Speaker and his visit was facilitated by ACM India council.The lecture was on Content Based Networking, and was attended by faculty  and students from all departments. Prof. Wolf also had an interaction with the faculty  and students of the CSE department after the lecture. Prof. Wolf, before the tech talk, inspired the audience to be ACM members, by briefing the benefits.

He had a chat with the office bearers of the chapters and congratulated the team for the growth it has acquired with in a small span of time. He also had a meeting with a group of faculty members of Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, where academic and research matters were discussed.